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About Silicon Valley Education Foundation

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Silicon Valley Education Foundation is dedicated to putting all students on track for college and beyond, focusing on the critical areas of math, science, and technology. They achieve these goals through working with schools to promote best practices and policies, offering programs for support (such as Elevate Math), and placing cutting edge EdTech in classrooms.

We at the Barry Bonds Family Foundation had the pleasure of supporting SVEF's Elevate [Math] and helping narrow the achievement gap of students. Elevate [Math] 8 is an intensive 75-hour summer intervention program that prepares incoming 8th graders at risk for falling off track for success in Common Core 8 Math. Elevate [Math] provides students with instruction from a credentialed teacher, utilizing curriculum developed by a team of experts to address concepts students typically struggled with and introducing new content based on the grade 8 Common Core State Standards.



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